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Newsletters 2015 March
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Issue: March, 2015

Calendar of Events

24- March Roundtable
26-Leadership Program Class

22- April Roundtable
26- ISAE Annual Meeting

June5- Annual Golf Outing


Iowa Society for Association Executives
100 Court Ave, Ste. 203
Des Moines, IA 50309


Member News

Denise Hoffman



Joins Iowa Soybean Association, Association Managment, Ltd. as a Meeting Planner

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Welcometo the new ISAE eNewsletter!

Upcoming Events - Roundtables



Feed Your Future: Emerging Professionals Lunch
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 from 12Noon- 1:00PM
Iowa Grocery Industry Association
2540 106th Street, Suite 102
Urbandale, Iowa50322

Topic: Feed Your Future: Emerging Professionals Lunch
A roundtable created specifically with emerging professionals in mind. ISAE invites all emerging professionals, those with less than 7 years of experience and/or less than 40 years old, to collaborate, contribute, plan, and foster the future of this association. Our goal is to develop a group for young professionals to advance their careers, build lasting relationships, and most importantly network and learn for those in the association industry. We will feed you lunch, in return you must feed us with your thoughts, questions, ideas to make this association better.

Please register in advance as lunch will be provided.


How to Attract and Retain Top Talent at Your Association
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Association Management, Ltd.
1255 SW Prairie Trail Parkway
Ankeny, IA 50023

Topic: How to Attract and Retain Top Talent at Your Association
How do you create a winning culture of highly engaged staff? Some research suggests talented employees stay for six key reasons: fair pay, challenging work, cool colleagues, a winning culture, opportunity for growth, and working for a boss they admire. Notice only one of these is about money! Join us as we discuss and the other five areas, and plan to walk away with new ideas to keep your top talent!



April 27, 2015
11:45 AM until 3:30 PM

Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel
401 Locust St
Des Moines, Iowa50309

Please join us for a networking lunch from 11:45AM- 1:30PM followed by the program, featuring two breakout sessions until 3:30PM.
Attention New Members: You are invited to attend a New Member Orientation from 11:15-11:45AM (same location).

Session 1: What’s Your Genius
Speaker:Bryan Arzani, Vice President, Results Group, Clive
We discussed how many companies use some form of personality/behavior profile system for interviewing or team-building activities, but then don’t do anything to follow-up. Everyone knows what they are, but what do you do with that information? How does a company take the next steps with this information, and use it to benefit the organization? Bryan Arzani with the Results Group will discuss how you can take these powerful performance tools to the next level, using them to build results for your association. Bryan Arzani is co-founder and vice president of the Results Group in Clive. He is a nationally recognized speaker, facilitator and trainer specializing in talent alignment.

Session 2: Foundation Fundamentals
Speaker: Julia Vyskocil, Beving, Swanson & Forrest, PC
This session will discuss the basic requirements for setting up a foundation, what are the advantages for having a foundation, cost-sharing agreements between foundation and association, and what are some of the primary objectives of foundations (why they are created beyond the association). If you have a foundation or are looking at a foundation, come join us to learn best practices and ideas for developing a foundation that will benefit your association and your members.


Meeting Sponsor


NEW Member Group

ISAE Young Association Professionals (YAP)

We have designed this group to target association staff with seven years or less of experience and/or younger than 40-years-old. This event is open to members of your association staff, regardless of their individual membership in ISAE.

The purpose behind the development of this section is to create a foundation for ISAE’s young professionals by developing resources and learning opportunities relevant to the young association professional today and building community for the next generation of association leadership.

We know how important it is to attract and keep our top talent. I believe the ISAE Leadership Program is a jumping off point in working with our young professions on developing their career path in association management. I see the ISAE YAP section as a continuation of their professional development.

Thank you to the ISAE YAP steering committee for their energy and enthusiasm: Heather Tamminga, Association Management, Ltd; Amy Spike, AIA-Iowa; Amber Angaran, Greater Des Moines CVB; Brooke Hovick, Embassy Suites- DM Downtown; and Jackie English, Embassy Suites- DM Downtown.

Interested in learning more about this group?Register online and attend the March Roundtable!

ISAE Professional Recognition Awards

   And the Nominations Are...due by 3/31/15

 At the annual meeting in April, ISAE presents the following prestigious awards:

Distinguished Association Executive of the Year
Association Staff Professional of the Year
Associate Member Award

You or someone you know in ISAE is deserving of professional recognition for their contributions and service to the association profession in general or their association in particular. The ISAE Professional Recognition Awards are designed to recognize these individuals.

You may nominate yourself or one or more individuals for each award by completing the Nomination Forms linked online or CLICK HERE to download a pdf hard copies of the form. You may also email ISAE the name of your nominee(s) and ISAE will send them a form to solicit more information for the judging process.

Please allow for adequate time for the nominee to participate in providing additional background information. Since finalists will be selected based on the materials submitted, it is recommended nominees be involved in submittingthe award application forms.

Winners are announced at the ISAE Annual Meeting in April of each year.ISAE will publicize the winners in the ISAE newsletter, as well as national association newsletters. Recipients will also be asked to submit any media recommendations specific to their association or the individual's background. Congratulatory letters will be sent to the chief elected officers of the association and/or the chief paid executives. A press release will be provided to the recipient's organization for use as they best determine.


Sponsor a New Member…

WIN a FitBit!

A Win-Win for Everyone!

Both the sponsor’s name and the new member’s name

will be entered into the drawing.


Contest Guidelines:

Every member who sponsors a new ISAE member will be entered into the drawing for a new FitBit.

< Your name will be entered for each member you sponsor.

< The name of the new member will also be entered into the drawing.

< The potential new member cannot have been a member in the past two years.

If your name is not selected in the drawing, new members are still receiving a great deal on their annual membership dues.

Members submitting an application between now and June 1 will have their dues credited through all of the 2015-2016 fiscal year – so the new member would not owe additional dues until July 1, 2016. That’s as much as 15 months for the price of 12!

The only restriction on the drawing is there must be aminimum of 5 new members submitted for the drawing to be held.

But What Do We Do With All The Leftover Food?!

By Anne Small

This was a question raised at a recent ISAE roundtable that sparked another roundtable solely dedicated to this discussion. “Why don’t hotels let us take food with us? How much food do hotels throw away? Why don’t hotels donate their leftovers to people in need? What can we do to help stop the waste?” As a “hotel person” who volunteers time, money and goods to local charities frequently, I would like nothing more than to see excess food be put to good use. There are several things we do cut waste on a daily basis and steps that you can take to have an impact on reducing food waste as well.

First, let me assure you that hotels do not like to waste food. It eats into our profits. (Sorry; I couldn’t resist.) In all seriousness, food waste equals money down the drain. Because of this, there are standards figured into food production quantities. Most restaurants and /or hotels have these standards in place to help them figure how much food to prepare for a certain number of people with as little waste as possible. This in itself reduces waste. As a side note, we hate to see our delicious, beautiful food that we have prepared to such meticulous standards get thrown away too!

Additionally, if there is leftover food that was prepared, but was not put out on the buffet line, it is cooled down to 41 degrees and then cooled to 34 degrees within 24 hours of reaching that 41 degrees.These standards are outlined by Iowa Health Code. All food temperatures and times must be documented, the food labeled and records kept. That extra pan of roast beef can now safely be an ingredient in tomorrow’s beef and barley soup.

On the opposite side of things, have you ever been to a meeting where the venue ran out of food on the buffet line? What feeling did that give you? I bet it is one of the only things you remember about that conference.It is our responsibility to ensure that the last guest through the buffet line has the same experience as the first person. Anything less is unacceptable.

When there is leftover food on the buffet line, that food must be thrown away. The food has been exposed and only has a certain amount of time that it can be held at very specific temperatures. If this food were to be taken by someone other than our trained food and beverage staff, we cannot be sure that the same standards would be upheld.

In our roundtable discussions, the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act that passed in 1996 was referenced (you can read it here this is a wonderful idea, it unfortunately does not go far enough in protecting businesses and a lot is left to individual interpretation. Most hotels are not willing and/or able to take the risk involved in donating leftover prepared food to outside entities.

So…..what can YOU do to eliminate wasted food? Good question. According to Kerrie White, Food & Beverage Director of the Gateway Hotel, the most waste comes from people RSVP’ing and then not showing up. “The RSVP is a lost art. People don’t seem to feel as obligated to attend a meeting or social event even when they have RSVP’d. Weddings are especially notorious with whole families not showing up”. Following up in order to get the RSVP, and following up 3-4 days before the event will help to increase accuracy in numbers.

The ideal practice is to get accurate numbers for meals; don’t over-estimate or assume people are coming if you haven’t heard from them. If available, get the history of the event and estimate from there. Another suggestion would be to require your conference attendees to pre-pay for their meals when they register. Attendance increases if people have paid for something.

​As you can see, the question of what to do with leftover food is more complicated than it seems. The hospitality industry does what it can to lessen waste, and with meeting planner assistance, waste can be kept to a minimum. Additionally, laws that complement the Iowa Health Code regulations are needed in order to help champion the cause of donating leftover foods.

Legislation Update

Changes to the Iowa Non-Profit Code

As was previously mentioned by ISAE, there were proposed legislative changes to the Iowa Non-Profit Act.​Most of the changes are fairly straight forward and are being supported by the bar association. There is a provision in the bills which allow a non profit board to make a loan to a board member who is also an employee of the organization.

The bill in the Senate failed to advance but the current bill in the House (HF 172) is still on the calendar. ISAE is not a lobbying organization, but we would suggest you look at the bill and let your legislators or lobbyists know of your position.



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